Below are some things to ask yourself as you review your life. Use these as a starting point and journal other ideas that come to mind.

Find a quiet space and think through which of the following areas are most challenging and/or frustrating. Try to rank them in order as best you can with a "1" representing the MOST challenging and frustrating.

_____ My space (seems disorganized and overwhelming)

_____ My schedule (seems too busy or haphazard)

_____ My relationships (seem stressful and disconnected)

_____ My routines (what routines? I just seem to be reacting to life)

_____ My emotions (discouraged, sad, frustrated, depressed)

_____ My health (not eating/sleeping well, no rest/downtime, health issues)

_____ My dreams (my hopes/passions/interests seem buried under busyness)


Which of the following statements describe your current situation? Mark a "1" for mild; a "2" for moderate; and a "3" for severe.

_____ No clear focus/vision for my life

_____ Feel pulled in too many directions

_____ I'm too busy

_____ Life is moving too fast

_____ I have no time to rest

_____ I have no time to play

_____ I have too many responsibilities and commitments

_____ I don't get enough sleep

_____ I don't get enough exercise

_____ I'm not getting healthy nutrition

_____ I don't have any alone time

_____ My significant relationships are stressful

_____ I don't get much help at home

_____ I don't have any meaningful (to me) work

_____ I'm under financial stress

_____ I don't have any routines that work

_____ I don't have any systems in place to stay organized

_____ My home seems very disorganized and out of control

_____ I don't have a way to tackle projects that need to get done

_____ There is not clear/good communication with family members

_____ I have health issues/chronic pain

_____ I am struggling emotionally (grief, depression, loneliness, etc.)

_____ I have hormonal imbalances


What have you learned about yourself and you life? What area might be the most beneficial to focus on during this season? Is there someone whom you can talk with about this journey?