The Best Gift We Ever Gave


It was December 1994 and our little family was thinking about what to give my grandma for Christmas. My grandma was more like a mom to me as my own mom (my grandma's only daughter) had passed away eight years earlier in December at the age of 43.

My grandma lived in a senior citizen apartment complex and we visited her regularly. Oh, she loved our visits! Our sons were six and three and she couldn't get enough of them. And because I was her only granddaughter, we had an extra-special relationship.

In the end, we wrote a poem called "Grandma's Gift" and gave her a coupon book to go with it. Each coupon was for a month of the coming year, and the deal was that she could turn in the coupons for redemption any time she chose. I think it was the best gift we'd ever given her, because what she really wanted...was us.

Really, there's nothing like giving our lives away. That's what Jesus did for us and that's what Christmas is all about.

Grandma's Gift

We thought and thought about your gift for Christmas '94;
In fact we sat and thought so long it made our heads real sore.

You see we wanted this year to be different from the rest;
We wanted this year's Christmas gift to be the very best.

Of course, there were the usual and ordinary things;
Like one more pair of slippers or several more key rings.

Some embroidered handkerchiefs to fill up your top drawer;
Or maybe one more calendar to hang upon your door.

We could have bought some knick-knacks to set around your place;
Or maybe some more lotion to spread around your face.

Then there's always potpourri to scent up every room;
Or if you want to scent yourself, there's always more perfume.

Or maybe one more lovely pin to wear upon your chest;
But these things, though they're wonderful, are not the very best.

The very best that we can give won't come from Santa's elves;
The very best that we can give to you is just ourselves!

So here's a book of coupons that you can really use;
We'll move around your furniture or fix that broken fuse.

We'll do your next spring cleaning or launder all your clothes;
We'll wash your car with our own rags and rinse it with our hose.

We'll help you organize your place and throw out all your junk;
We'll put up with your grouchiness and laugh at all your spunk.

If you need to share your heart, we'll bring our listening ears;
Or if you need a shoulder we can gently wipe your tears.

Or maybe we can shop for you and all your errands run;
Or if you want, we'll bring some games and play and just have fun.

You see, you mean so much to us, so precious and so dear;
That  we are giving you ourselves throughout this coming year.