Our experience with Deb Mantel was positive in every way. Her interest in how we were putting the workshop together and what we were teaching at our church leading up to the organizational workshop revealed that she genuinely cares about making a difference with the gifts and skills God has blessed her with. She sought to work with us to make things turn out great. She is a gifted speaker, she certainly knows her stuff, and she was very easy to work with. She offers thoughtful, straight-forward teaching that helps people in practical ways. (Dave McWhorter, Pastor of Living Water Church in Riverview, MI).

“Deb Mantel spoke at our fall Women’s event and she definitely exceeded our expectations. Her presentation on Decluttering Your Soul was very timely with what God has been doing in the lives of the women at our church. Her presentation was engaging and motivating. She was friendly, relaxed and relatable. Her music was such a wonderful addition to the presentation. Her songs written from her own heart had a way of opening our hearts to the message as well as our minds. She was gracious to interweave her own personal story into the presentation which made you feel like you were sitting down and having coffee with a friend. It was just what our women needed to be refreshed and blessed.“ (Candi Beemer, Women's Ministry Coordinator, Oak Pointe Church, Novi, MI)

"Thank you for an amazing event! So many women have come to me over the last few days to tell me how fantastic you were...a wonderful balance of practical and spiritual, which is refreshing beyond measure! Personally, I was thoroughly impressed by how you presented your testimony and your ideas. You brilliantly showed all of us that you are REAL—not perfect, not all-together, but real. And beautiful and loved. Which is what we all so dearly need to hear. Several women have asked me to invite you back for a retreat!" (Wendy Shanders, Woodside Bible Church, Farmington Hills, MI)

"I talked of the retreat Saturday evening with my husband and could not get much past "I am so thankful" without constantly tearing up.  Even thankful.  Here are some of the comments I have received:

  • Wonderful speaker

  • Relates so well with women today

  • Very easy to listen to

  • An inspirational and beautiful speaker

  • A very brave and giving woman

  • Interesting and inspiring

  • Blessed to hear this great speaker

  • Loved her serenity in her speaking and singing

  • Very meaningful, gentle and humble

  • Powerful!

  • Great application to our walk with the Lord

  • Hope she can come back!

Thank you!!" (Joan Doorenspleet, Hope Fellowship, Ontario, Canada)

"I just want to say again how much I enjoyed your presence with us and your wonderful worshipful music. I've loved knowing you even a little. We have each experienced a fair amount of pain, and God has used that in our expressions of worship - in word and music. I hope we meet again."
(Carolyn Nystrom, co-author with J.I. Packer of Praying: Finding Our Way Through Duty to Delight.)

"Deb Mantel has an amazing ability to weave her personal testimony with her music, much of which she has written, inspiring us to bring our deepest sorrows to the compassionate, life-giving Son of God. She allows us to look into her real-life stories, where she gets real and is touched by the Lord in personal, life-changing ways. Deb has ministered at several of our events and I recommend her highly."
(Mary Ann Leland, Ann Arbor, MI)

"Deb was the perfect choice for our retreat. Her testimony is riveting - tragedy turned triumphant through God's healing and grace. Her message gave us a fresh reminder of God's love for us and His desire for us to live as accepted and beloved daughters of the King. She was warm, genuine, and gracious - a true vessel of Christian love. I would highly recommend her."
(Pam Spires, Women's Ministry Director, Capital Baptist, Annandale, VA.)

"Dear Deb, I never got to speak to you, but your ministry is deep. I could have listened to you all night."
(Susan, participant at the EPC Women in Ministry Conference in Nashville, TN)

"Deb has a very natural, "easy-to-listen-to" style that motivates and encourages women. She speaks with undeniable sincerity. As she offers practical tips and strategies for women, she also shares stories of the struggles and pains in her own life. This makes her a very vulnerable and credible speaker. Her faith, her music, her professional skills, and her likeable personality combine to provide a powerful message of hope and inspiration for women."
(Karen Bruinsma, Director of Women's Ministries, Alger Park Church, Grand Rapids, MI).

In spring 2012, I attended a presentation by Deb Mantel and knew immediately I wanted my church family and friends to have the opportunity to hear her message. I invited Deb to present at Shalom Lutheran Church in Pinckney, she accepted, and we had an amazing event on February 16, 2013 with over 60 woman in attendance. The response and feedback has been extremely positive.

Deb is truly inspiring and motivating. Her presentation on uncluttering your spiritual, emotional, and personal life is uplifting and applicable. She breaks the process down into pieces allowing everyone to relate and find a place where they can start their journey to organization!

 Deb Mantel's presence is professional, comfortable, heartening, compassionate and stimulating, and anyone who spends time with her will walk away feeling blessed and inspired.  (Kim Larrow, Shalom Lutheran Church, Pinckney, MI)

"I highly recommend Deb to other groups who are looking for a well-prepared, talented, very personable, and genuine speaker with a special message to share about her relationship with Jesus and how that affects her life and ministry." (Chris Chauvin, Event Coordinator, Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church, Brighton, MI).