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Are You Ready?

Are you ready to move from chaos to calm? Do you dream of a simpler, saner life?

Do you need help organizing your home and scheduling your time so that your life reflects what is truly important to you?

I'd love to help. My goal is to help you enjoy Simple, Organized, Uncluttered Living (SOUL). Many people are longing for a more organized life and home but need help from someone who has the experience, skills and information to help them reach their goals.

I can help you get organized and stay organized! Get ready to renew your peace, purpose, and passion for life!

I specialize in working with people who are overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. The first step is to contact me to talk about your needs and how I can help you!

What do you have to lose (besides the clutter and the chaos and the stress and…)?

How It Works

Once you're ready to begin the journey toward a more organized life and home, you can contact me to set up an initial telephone assessment.

Initial Telephone Assessment

During this call, we can discuss your particular situation. If I determine that I can help you achieve your goals, we will set up an in-home consultation.

In-Home Consultation

I will visit your home and spend an hour getting to know you, your home, and your goals. This will include specific questions regarding your challenges and goals. It will also include walking through your home. I will share helpful ideas that come to mind as we meet. Based on our time together I will make a recommendation regarding how to move forward. This usually involves scheduling organizing sessions. Sometimes a client is able to work independently and just needs an overall plan. We can discuss which approach would work best for you! The initial consultation is $55.

Organizing Sessions

During our sessions, I will work alongside you, hands-on. Following our plan, we will tackle the areas that will bring you the greatest sense of order and peace. Together we will make great progress!

Follow-Up and Maintenance Sessions

I will help you fine-tune your spaces and maintain the organization that you’ve created. These sessions can keep you on track and motivated.

The cost of disorganization is high. Consider the stress, wasted time searching for things, emotional exhaustion from not having a restful place to enjoy life, costly purchases due to not knowing what you already own, etc. People have found that working with a professional organizer is an extremely effective way to restore a sense of order to their lives.

Virtual Coaching

Sometimes distance is an obstacle to working with me at your home. Or maybe you would just prefer to have some sessions that involve brainstorming and planning. Let me know how I can best help you and we can develop a plan. Contact me to discuss the details.

Deb, you’ve helped us out more than you’ll ever know! Our home is a calmer place with order and routine that even our four-year-old can follow. Clearing out the clutter has allowed us to spend more time together as a family and it’s making our home a more pleasant place to live. You’ve taught us skills that will last a lifetime!
— C.D., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Professional Organizing Rates

In our industry, there are no standardized rates. Each professional organizer charges his or her own rate based on experience, training, location, etc. My hourly rate is $55/hour.


Deb, you were a great help to me in organizing my main floor closet and pantry. Not only did you have great ideas about how to organize items for ease of access, but you also tactfully helped me get rid of what was NOT needed and was merely clutter. The closet and pantry look great now and I am enjoying seeing and finding what I want more easily!
— J.R., Ann Arbor, Michigan