Found by Love

The story of God's intentional pursuit of my heart. My life was messy growing up. It still is in many ways. Pain, loss, confusion, brokenness. They were all part of my story. The grace of God broke through and "found me"  through the love of Jesus. He is big enough to rescue our hearts and souls from any circumstance. He can find us no matter how lost we are. And He can reach others through our own story.

Soulful Living

We want our lives to reflect God's heart and purposes; to be full of fruit, not empty busyness. How can we make time and space for what is most important? We can declutter our souls, schedules and spaces so that they reflect our passions, purposes and priorities. We can't do everything, but we can learn how to be more of who God created us to be and to do more of what He has called us to do. Ultimately, this leads to more joy and peace in our lives.

From Orphans to Daughters

What does it mean to live our lives out of an "orphan mentality?" Is it up to us to scrape by and provide for ourselves, living in fear and anxiety?  Or can we learn how to let go and trust our Father who has called us to be His greatly-loved daughters? Learning where our true identity is found and placing our hope in God's promises helps us to live out the truth that we are not orphans, we are daughters. And God will never leave us or forsake us.

Giving Our Lives Away

We are pulled in every direction. The demands on our lives seem overwhelming. How can we possibly do more? Usually our challenge is learning to do the "right" things, not more things. If we don't have space in our lives to live out the love of Jesus, then we are missing out on the very heart of God. How can we give our lives away right now, right where we are, to a broken world? 

Faithfulness and Consistency in a Women's Life

We can live our lives reacting to our circumstances or we can learn to respond based on truth and grace. Learning how to respond requires habits and practice and keeping the big picture in mind. It also requires the love of God in our hearts. But our responses can bring freedom and healing to our own hearts and to the hearts of those around us.

Simplifying Christmas

Focusing on Jesus, the gift of Heaven, seems like it should be so simple. But our hearts and minds get cluttered with so many other things, so many other loves. And what should be front and center becomes lost in the holiday shuffle. Could it be that in the midst of preparing for Christmas we have no room in the inn for Jesus!