A beautiful, eclectic mixture of folk, Americana, country, blues, bluegrass and contemporary Christian genres showcasing honest reflection and real-life struggles for faith and hope.

From the time I was a little girl, I've used words and music to express the longings and desires of my heart. My dad was born in the hills of Tennessee, and I grew up on the harmonies of bluegrass, the heartbreaks of country and blues, and the beat of southern rock. Playing guitar and singing with my dad, I knew from early on that music was something I was born to do. My younger brother, Tim, also learned to play the guitar, and soon the two of us were singing our hearts out to whoever would listen.

After becoming a Christian at The University of Michigan, my songs began to reflect my growing faith and understanding of the eternal truths of God. My brother Tim also became a Christian, and the combination of his incredible talent as a guitarist and our song-writing and vocals caused others to ask for more music.

A road full of twists and turns finally led to the recording of my first CD, "One Thing I Know," which features songs full of insight into the struggle to live the Christian life in the midst of tears and sorrow, always searching for the Truth. Listen below to the title track from "One Thing I Know."

"I am known by the One who knows all
I am watched by a tender, loving eye
I need not fear the darkest night
For the One who is the light
Watches me with a tender, loving eye"


A sold-out CD debut concert at The Ark in Ann Arbor was followed by requests for radio and newspaper interviews along with invitations to speak at local churches. This has developed into a very exciting speaking and music ministry for me. My desire is that, through my music, story, and life lessons, people will hear the life-changing truth that God is with us and for us, our eternal refuge.

My second CD, "Uncaged Bird," is a collection of original songs. It includes contemporary worship songs, tender love songs, country-folk ballads, a bluegrass anthem, and a bluesy rendition of a praise song. Listen below to the title track from "Uncaged Bird."

"I'm an uncaged bird, learning how to fly
I'm testing my wings, searching for my dreams in the wide-open sky
One day I'm gonna soar up to a mountain high
I'm an uncaged bird, an uncaged bird, learning how to fly."


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