I have a passion for helping God reach women with His intimate love for them. As I share my story, music, and life lessons, I continue to see God at work bringing comfort and freedom to women who are hurting and hungry for more of God.

"Deb Mantel has an amazing ability to weave her personal testimony with her music, much of which she has written, inspiring us to bring our deepest sorrows to the compassionate, life-giving Son of God. She allows us to look into her real-life stories, where she gets real and is touched by the Lord in personal, life-changing ways. Deb has ministered at several of our events and I recommend her highly."  (Mary Ann Leland, Ann Arbor, MI)

I'm excited to see all that God is doing in the lives of women. In addition to sharing my story, Found By Love, I also speak on a number of topics related to living our lives as Christian women. Themes range from our identity as daughters of God to simplifying our lives so we can make room for what is most important. Some examples of my talk titles are: Found by Love, Soulful Living, From Orphans to Daughters, Our Lives-A Gift to Give AwaySimplifying Christmas, Intentional Living, and Consistency in a Woman's Life. As a professional organizer, I have years of experience helping women simplify their homes and their lives. Often I am asked to include a workshop on organization during a retreat.

Theologian Frederick Buechner once said, "Your vocation is where your greatest passion meets the world's greatest need." I am so blessed to be able to do what I do. Sharing about Jesus through my speaking and my music thrills my soul and is how I connect deeply with God. In His mercy, God is using all of my life, all of my experiences, to shape me into the woman He created me to be. And it's even sweeter knowing that He is able to use these things to impact the lives of others. He can use both the broken pieces and the stories of healing. None of it is wasted.

"I just want to say again how much I enjoyed your presence with us and your wonderful, worshipful music. I've loved knowing you even a little. We have each experienced a fair amount of pain, and God has used that in our expressions of worship - in word and music. I hope we meet again." (Carolyn Nystrom, co-author with J.I. Packer of Praying: Finding Our Way Through Duty to Delight.)

I would love to partner with you in blessing and leading the women of your church or group. If you would like more information about events that I do, please contact me. May God encourage you as you serve Him.