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We all long for a simpler, saner approach to life. But where do we begin? The key is figuring out what's most important in our lives and then making room for what we've decided is important. Sounds easy, but it takes effort and focus. And for most women today, our lives are so crowded and busy that we don't have the space we need to evaluate our lives at all.

Let me encourage you to begin planning some "slow-down" times so that you can catch your breath and begin to look at your life honestly. Often the most helpful thing we can do when we feel overwhelmed is STOP and take some time to THINK about what is going on and why. As women, we are very complex, and several different areas of our lives can contribute to how we are experiencing life in general. Consider which areas are especially challenging. What is working well and what is not?

It's never too late to make changes and to head in a different direction. Consider this an opportunity to begin living a life of purpose and passion. Being proactive is always more work that being reactive, but it is so worth it! 

If you'd like to talk with me about helping you get organized, please visit my Let's Work Together page. May God lead and guide you toward a life of peace and beauty.