Deb Mantel, professional organizer, ann arbor, mi

SPACES WITH SOUL organizing services

Welcome to Spaces with Soul! Let me introduce myself. I love dark chocolate, music, reading, hanging with family and friends…and organizing anything! I've had an eye for order since I was young. I can walk into a room filled with nothing but chaos and see potential beauty, order and peace. I have seen the freedom and renewed energy that come from getting one's things in order—clearing out the unnecessary, unimportant, unflattering stuff to make room for what renews, restores, and refocuses. But it's not just the organizing that I love, it's the relationships I build with the women I work with.

I began helping friends get organized while I was a college student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I majored in Communications and spent my first few years after graduation working my organizational magic at the University of Michigan Medical School. Then I worked as an editorial assistant for a local publishing company.

Since then I have raised three sons, run several home-based businesses, and recorded two music CDs. I am also a speaker at women's events, a singer/songwriter and worship leader.

 I started Spaces with SOUL in 2008. I am a teacher and communicator at heart, and I am committed to imparting helpful information and transferring important skills to others. And it is a joy to see lives transformed.

I have a lot of experience with major life changes like moving and grieving. I also know the challenges of maintaining a home (and one's sanity) while home-schooling and running a home-based business. Though my home-schooling season is behind me, I have a very clear memory of the days when my time and my space were barely my own.

My friends and clients consider me very personable and fun to be with (and I enjoy them, too!). Growing up with only brothers and then raising three sons, my life has often been immersed in all-things male. Though I am now blessed to have a daughter in our home, I will use anything as an excuse to spend time with women—whether it's a girls’ night out for decadent chocolate cake or a day organizing anything and everything!

Contact me if you'd like to talk about working together.